August 17, 2016

Now you guys know why the project is called “Crazy Color”!

What is the Crazy Color Edition Mercedes G-Wagon?

In 2015 Mercedes wasn’t feeling the models G63 or G65 AMG were not unique enough, so they decided to launch a new version what it calls the “Crazy Colour Edition.” Just as its name suggests, this special edition G-Wagen offers the paint choices like Solar Beam, Sunset Beam, Tomato Red, Galactic Beam, and Alien Green.

Basically, it looks as if someone from Skittles broke into Mercedes’ paint booth. The special edition is only offered in select countries, with the U.S. no being one. And then there’s the price. While some automakers cars upwards of $2,000 for a specialized paint color with some swanky metallic flake or pearl shimmer, Mercedes is charging more than $17,000 for the option

Our customer was one of the lucky customers to get one in Alien Green for his lovely Wife… but he loved so much that He decided to import this very rare 2-door G-Class from Dubai and turn into his personal Alien Green G-Class!

This is just a tease… the full photo shoot and videos are coming soon! Hope you guys liked the result!


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Mercedes G-Class “Crazy Project” – Part 1

July 26, 2016

Hello everybody!

We are glad to present another project that we started this week. This is a 1998 Mercedes G320 Grand Edition. This specific car was imported straight from Dubai. Unfortunately we didn’t have the 2-Door version officially imported to the US so we had to find one overseas.

Its basic and iconic design is almost 40 years old, it’s high and boxy, the suspension is soft, and the base price today tops $120,000. For this project we wanted to match the owner taste and his other cars that share one thing in common: crazy color combination.

Be tuned. New updates coming soon from this total customization!

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