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2015 BMW M6 ” Darth Vader ” Part 1

February 3, 2017


This Beautiful 2015 BMW M6 is here to install an aggressive Wide body kit. We are calling this project “Darth Vader” because of the black color and theme of the car. We strive for perfection, in the next set of pictures you will see our process from beginning to end on how we make sure that all of the cars that leave our facility are perfect and meet our customers standards and requests.


The first step was fitment, we wanted to make sure that every piece on this car was fitted properly and looked cohesive. In order to do that we installed the body kit before paint. This is what separates us from most of our competition, most of the time companies will just paint first then do fitment. we take the extra time to fit everything to the vehicle in order to make sure that their are no imperfections and fitment issues, and if so we do whats needed in order to have correct fitment. In the picture above you can see our Master Craftsmen installing the front bumper to make sure the fitment is correct.


Fitting the passenger side fender to make sure that it lines up with the front bumper and the rest of the car.


Fitting the bumper, and the quarter panel.


Rear bumper, and quarter panel after correcting fitment.


 Double checking the fitment with all the front end pieces before we paint the bumper and the hood.

Stay Tuned……

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October 9, 2016


Custom Cars

Mercedes G-Class “Crazy Project” – Part 1

July 26, 2016

Hello everybody!

We are glad to present another project that we started this week. This is a 1998 Mercedes G320 Grand Edition. This specific car was imported straight from Dubai. Unfortunately we didn’t have the 2-Door version officially imported to the US so we had to find one overseas.

Its basic and iconic design is almost 40 years old, it’s high and boxy, the suspension is soft, and the base price today tops $120,000. For this project we wanted to match the owner taste and his other cars that share one thing in common: crazy color combination.

Be tuned. New updates coming soon from this total customization!

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